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Immigration by investment or citizenship by investment:

Immigration by investment or citizenship by investment has become the most preferred way of immigrating to a new country for businessmen and high net worth individuals all over the world. This practice has become a multi-billion dollar industry and has grown manifold due to the rising economies in many Asian and Middle Eastern countries. This practice is beneficial to both - the investment destination country obtains the necessary foreign investment and the investor obtains all the rights and privileges accorded to the citizens and permanent residents of the desired country. As this type of immigration is not bound by conditions of starting a new business in a new country or employing a certain number of local residents, most businessmen find it very convenient and hassle-free.

Unlike other immigration programs, immigration by investment also does not demand any particular type or level of educational qualification and there is no age restriction or language requirement.

The money contributed by an investor is invested in government approved projects, thus indirectly stimulating the local economy and at the same time creating jobs for local citizens. In recent years, most western countries have devised an investor immigration program for businessmen who do not qualify for immigration under any other category and yet wish to obtain residency or citizenship of another country.

Another important reason why businessmen choose business immigration by investment is their children's education. Many affluent businessmen, especially in Asian countries and the Middle-East, wish that their children pursue their higher education in western universities due to the global recognition obtained by these universities and also due the standard of education imparted. Their calculation is simple - The cost of investment in a business immigration program is often less than the cost of university or post-secondary education for one student in any western university/institution. By obtaining permanent residency or citizenship, the investor's children are entitled to local student fees which are way lower than the fees charged to international students. At the same time, the investor and his family also benefits from other privileges granted to the residents and citizens of that country such as free medical care, social security, pensions, senior citizen privileges and other beneficial government programs specific to that country.

Businessmen choose to immigrate under this program primarily for the following reasons:

  • Better quality/standard of life
  • Better future for the children
  • Expansion of business
  • Obtaining dual citizenship
  • Easier travel around the world

What are the general benefits of obtaining immigration by investment or citizenship by investment:

  • Visa free travel to most western countries around the world once a passport from the adopted country is obtained.
  • Free public education for school going children.
  • Highly reduced fees for university and post secondary education.
  • Tax benefits from the home country by becoming / taking non residence status.
  • Free medical care in countries such as UK and Canada.
  • Can benefit from the NAFTA agreement if the businessperson chooses to immigrate to Canada or USA.
  • Can benefit from the EU agreement if businessperson chooses to immigrate to any European country.

Our Services

As the reason and purpose for immigrating is different for each individual businessperson, we do not provide a one-solution fits all type of service. Also, the country chosen for investment is different for every businessperson and depends upon the net assets of the businessperson, the potential benefits to the businessperson and his family by investing in that country and the businessperson's personal reasons for settling in that country. Hence we provide customized service to each and every businessperson to meet his specific needs and requirements. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Initial consultations
  • Satisfying all queries
  • Assistance in collecting and preparing of documents
  • Preparation of the application
  • Submission of the application along with all supporting documentation
  • Interview preparation - Our lawyers prepare each applicant before the selection interview and if permitted by the foreign government visa office, can also remain present at the time of the interview.
  • Tax advice on national and international tax issues.

Assistance services are also available through our company and/or third party affiliation for getting settled in a new country upon receiving permanent immigration visa status. These include:

  • Completing all government formalities
  • Purchase or rental of residential property
  • Establishing, purchasing or leasing a new business
  • Obtaining admission in schools or universities for children
  • All other formalities that may be necessary to make your settlement easy and smooth in your new country of residence.