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Every year the United Nations and many public-interest organizations publish detailed reports on the quality of life and living conditions in almost 193 countries around the world. These reports give information regarding the living conditions in each of these countries.
  • As per a recent United Nations report, “Migration, both within and beyond borders, has become an increasingly prominent theme in domestic and international debates, and is the topic of the 2009 Human Development Report (HDR09). The starting point is that the global distribution of capabilities is extraordinarily unequal, and that this is a major driver for movement of people.”   < Summary of report> Click Here
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  • 2010 Quality of Life Index: 194 Countries Ranked and Rated to Reveal the Best Places to Live - For 30 years,International Living's editors and writers have been scouring the world to find the best places to live or retire to. Imagine lounging on your deck, a cocktail in hand, the quiet turquoise waters of the Caribbean spread out before you... Or picture yourself relaxing in a flower-filled courtyard where lavender bougainvillea tumbles over stucco walls, while the sweet perfume of frangipani fills the air at dusk. Maybe you dream, instead, of a mountain retreat where the air is crisp and you live amidst expansive, snow-capped peaks. Or perhaps it's an elegant pied-à-terre in a cosmopolitan city you envision. Click Here
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